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New Saison Kits and Workshop at Preserved


Saison Collaboration Beer Created with Preserved

“Preserve the Summer” is a collaboration beer created by Temescal Homebrewing and PreservedPreserved is Oakland’s one-stop popup shop for DIY preserving and fermenting supplies. The beer is a rustic Saison and part of a new stovetop brewing kit that also includes instructions on how to take it a step further and make a Sour Saison using wild Lactobacillus to create a sour mash. We’ll have kits at the workshop this Saturday or stop by Preserved to pick one up.

Stovetop Brewing Workshop Coming Up–Saturday, 4/11

Learn how to brew an all-grain one gallon batch of beer on your stovetop this weekend at Preserved. I’ll be teaching a three-hour workshop where we’ll be focusing on how to make a Saison, the perfect beer to kick off your Summer. Everyone goes home with as much beer as they can bottle and we’ll be tasting examples of the style, first thing, at 10 am!

Stovetop Brewing, hosted by Preserved
Saturday, April 11th, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Preserved, located in the backyard of Neighbor, 2400 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA
Cost: $40 plus $3.19 registration fee
Register on Eventbrite