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Growing My Own Backyard Hops

Update, May 4, 2013: My Cascade hop plant is climbing up all six poles! See photos at the bottom of this post.

2013apr262-2048 My three year old Cascade hops plant is thriving in my backyard. I’m looking forward to brewing a really nice IPA at the end of Summer or early Fall. And in the SF Bay Area we get a pretty late summer, hotter than most of us are usually prepared for. The perfect time to escape to the bottom of a tall glass of cold beer, full of flavor and homemade goodness.

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Spent Grain Muffins with Molasses and Yogurt

IMG_0535A few weeks ago I made a delicious 1 gallon batch of Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Smoked Wheat beer and had a couple of pounds of spent grain after it was all over.  I was going to compost it, but I read somewhere that I could feed it to my chickens.  They loved it!  As I gave it to them I could tell why they loved it–it has this sweet malty aroma that wraps around your nose like a warm blanket.  Why give it all to the birds!

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